I/We the Client hereby appoint the Agent to act on my behalf as sole agents to search for a property to rent on my/our behalf.


I/we the Client understand that upon receipt of this signed contract, that Customer Relocations Management commits to the process of securing a property for me/us and guarantee to do so unless we send written notification stating otherwise.



I/We the Client agree to pay the Agent a deposit of £300 (deductible from the final fee upon signing a lease of the introduced property) at least 7 days in advance of the appointment fora viewing the property.



I/We the Client agree to pay the Agent the fee equivalent of one month’s rent upon signing a lease of the introduced property, less the deductible £300 deposit. Should this fee remain unpaid for more than 7 days following exchange of contracts or signing of a lease (unless otherwise agreed), interest will be paid on the outstanding debt at the annual rate of 10% above the Base Rate of the Barclays Bank plc. This will be charged on a daily basis until such time as the outstanding balance is cleared.



Should I/we the Client wish to end the relationship with the Agent, I/we may do so in writing a minimum of 72 hours prior to the planned viewing date without incurring any costs. Should I/we fail to end the relationship within this timeframe I/we understand that I/we would forgo the £300 deposit paid at the time of booking.



Upon agreement of occupancy terms, lease and occupancy by prospective landlord, for which the Agent has submitted and negotiated terms on my/our behalf, then we agree to pay the balance of the fee (equating to one calendar month’s rent of the property selected less the deposit).



Should I/we the Client, upon completion of the viewing day discontinue the Agent.’s services solely due to circumstances outside of the Agent.’s control (e.g. change in moving date, delays in visa processing, etc.), the Agent, having already fulfilled its responsibilities in scheduling and executing my/our property viewings, is authorized to invoice me/us for an £1,200 viewing fee, not inclusive of the initial £300 deposit.



In the event a property deal falls through, due to circumstances beyond my/our the Client  control and the control of Customer Relocations Management, I/we the Client understand that Customer Relocations Management commit to securing a viable alternate property option or conducting an additional viewing day. Should I/we the Client wish to discontinue Customer Relocations Managements services at this point Customer Relocations Management is authorized to invoice me/us for £1200 fee, not inclusive of the initial £300 deposit.



This fee is not due in cases of force majeure, loss or diminution of the property prior to occupation, landlord failing to approve the Client for occupancy or being unable to deliver the property for occupancy on the agreed date or any other act beyond the express and direct control of the Client and the Agent.



All costs are subject to 20% VAT, which will be added to the final invoice.




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